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Fashion Business Aluminium Frame Luggage Universal Wheel Mute Case


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Luggage compartment size:

20 inches – 35 cm, thickness 24 cm, height 55 cm. Wheels includedInches control (13.3X8.2×19)

22 inches – length 37 cm, thickness 24 cm, height 60 cm. Wheels included, inches 15x9x21

24 inches – length 40 cm, thickness 26 cm, height 63 cm. With wheels (inches 16.5×9.8×23.6)

26 inches – length 41 cm, thickness 27 cm, height 66 cm. With wheels (inches 17.7×10.6X.25)

28 inches – length 45 cm, thickness 29 cm, height 71 cm. With wheels (inches 17.7×11.4×28)

30 inch 46 m x 30 m x 74 cm (inch 18x12x29)

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Wine Red, Black, Silver Gray, Dark Gray, Green

Luggage Size

20 inches, 24 Inches


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